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Meet our property management team:
Lisa Perrault

Lisa Perrault
Office Manager
Dawn DeRose
Administrative Assistant

Susan Napier
Administrative Assistant

           Victoria Griego           Administratve Assistant


Janelle Clarke
Administrative Assistant

Paul Havlicek



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Our property management services are administered by a licensed Real Estate Broker and Management Staff with a combined experience of over 30 years. We perform the following management services for owners and their investment properties:


Market your property by submitting a comprehensive description, including rental terms to the regional Multiple Listing Services which is accessed by thousands of real estate agents.

Advertise vacant rentals via the Internet and, at the Owner’s expense, using the Alameda Newspaper Group.

Coordinate the application process for prospective tenants using pre-established qualifiers.

Conduct credit checks and employment verification.

Once a tenant has successfully passed our screening process: 

Prepare rental/lease agreements with the proper amendments, secure the appropriated signatures and confirm identification.

Physically conduct a thorough walk through with the tenant of the rental units prior to occupancy and after vacating where a report is prepared to record the condition of the property.

Schedule regular drive-bys to check on the general condition of the property.

Communicate with Owner’s regarding significant repairs or preventive maintenance.Competitive bids or pricing is sought on significant repairs.  Or, the Owner may elect to perform his or her own repairs.

We take every precaution in screening our prospective tenants. However, when necessary:  

Evictions are expedited in a timely and cost effective manner. We consult an attorney only after a three-day-notice has lapsed without corrective action by the tenant. 


  • Nor Cal Realty holds tenant security deposits in our “Security Deposit” Trust Account.
  • Collect monthly rents where they are dispersed from the Nor Cal Realty Trust Account. 
  • A management fee from gross rents received is deducted and the balance of rent(s) is forwarded to owner with a monthly statement. 
  • Remittances for repairs are paid from Nor Cal Realty Trust Account
  • Prepare a Form 1099 for “Income Property.”  

Our greatest work concerning you and your property is simply stated: 

Nor Cal Realty Property Management has a stated goal of managing a property in a manner as to maximize its net income to the owner, while exercising prudent oversight for the property’s repair and maintenance. 


  • One time set-up fee of $250.00.
  • Gross monthly rents of 7%. 
  • Gross monthly rents of 8% is charged to perform additional services (i.e., paying mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance premiums, utilities or deposit owner’s monies into their personal banking account).    
We are very pleased with the properties we manage and the services we provide.
Please call us at (510) 538-8789 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.